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"My aunt who is battling breast cancer entered a costume as Mr.Clean and obviously won. (Source)”
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To Anyone Who Can Relate

When I’m around my friends, or even alone… I feel ugly. All of my friends are Beautiful effortlessly and I try so hard only to feel average. I hate my skin, I wash my makeup off and only see demarcations and bumps that only seem to multiply. I look at my body and only see a gut that protrudes. I laugh and make jokes about others, only because I feel like less of a person behind closed doors. It’s depressing how ugly the media can make you feel. Not even because I’m black, there’s plenty of gorgeous black women. But because I’m not good enough. The opposite sex doesn’t make things better. They look at me and compliment my ass, they never notice my eyes, my smile, or tell me how pretty I am. I just wish I was comfortable with myself, cuz when I tell others how I feel they say I’m being dramatic. I could go on for pages and pages but I’ll stop right here for tonight , and dream about being Beautiful.








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